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Customized Strategic and Operational Support for SMBs and Nonprofits

Meet Sara

Hi, I'm Sara. I've led remote and hybrid teams for over 18 years. I have been the COO anchor for two multimillion-dollar companies in two very different industries. I love to help organizations build clear structure, and to help people unlock their best and most fulfilling work. I have extensive experience in strategic operations, management, sales, and technology at both SMBs and nonprofits. I'd love to meet you and learn how I can help support your organization's goals! 

“Sara is a mastermind when it comes to strategic planning. I have had the privilege of working on Sara’s leadership team in the nonprofit sector and witnessed first-hand her ability to skillfully paint a vivid picture defining clear and attainable goals and the steps to achieve the set vision. Sara is an intelligent, grounded, and motivated individual willing to tackle complex problems with grace and dedication.” - Shauna M.

"From Sara's clear communications prior to our first team meeting, I could tell our annual strategic session was going to be a refreshing take on what was once seen as a yearly obligation. By the conclusion, her adaptive style and intuitive nature as a facilitator brought forth an aspirational set of goals supported by our entire team.”  ~Sharon O.

“Our nonprofit has benefited greatly from the talents of Sara Habib!  Sara has worked with our board members through strategic planning and in recommending organization structure.  Sara is a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator in helping individuals to make sense of purpose and structure that facilitate deep organizational change. Staff and board members alike expressed enjoyment of the process – first time ever I have heard individuals excited about strategic planning!”  - Amber M.

Strategic Planning

Empower your organization to align its resources, identify growth opportunities, and address potential challenges before they become critical. A well-crafted strategic plan serves as a guiding star, enabling your teams to make informed decisions, work cohesively, and prioritize initiatives that drive the most impact. 

And, it takes time and energy to do it right!  Take the legwork, structural decisions, and facilitation for these important meetings off your plate so you and your team can participate fully as stakeholders. 

Culture of Belonging

Have you ever worked on a truly aligned team? Where everyone cares, everyone "gets it", everyone has fun working together, and all feel seen, heard, and understood? 

That's the kind of culture organizations dream of, and the type of team environment I can help you co-create.  Inclusion usually starts with clear expectations, clearly defined goals/agreements, and clear feedback loops. I can help you identify the tools you need for your team to thrive. 

KPIs + Data

What you measure matters, and it guides the decisions you and your team make every day. If you don't have clear organizational metrics, let's explore what's holding you back! 

Not all data is important, and it's easy to get bogged down or sidetracked looking at numbers which don't actually track real success. We'll identify the RIGHT numbers your team should care about, and build easy ways to check in with those metrics in your daily work. 

Rhythms + Rituals

Are you following the right routines to drive results? Building culture and driving towards growth happen by establishing consistent habits and making time for gatherings that matter. 

Get support to create structure and enhance productivity (and discover which meetings you should cancel forever!).

Remote + Hybrid Teams

Working in distributed work environments comes with a unique set of challenges. In order to help everyone feel included and to unlock your teams' best work, you can't do the same things you do in an everyone-in-person setting. Learn how to create real moments for connection on remote and hybrid teams, and how to support your team to have the flexibility they want while ensuring work happens effectively.

Teambuilding Retreats

Creating space for your team to come together to learn about each other and share experiences makes a difference in how daily work is tackled together. Our relationships with our coworkers are unique in our lives. Time invested in creative problem solving together, deep dives into team dynamics, and activities to build communication and trust will pay off 10x.  Plus, retreats are fun! Let's design something awesome for your team to feel even more connected and motivated.